The Swiss Army Knife of Access Control

Alocity F3D100 Multi-Function Access Control Reader

Powerful Software Features


Manage one or hundreds of sites, doors, users, roles & groups.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Easily manage users, credentials, revoke access and create lockdown rules anytime, anywhere from any device.

Real-Time Visibility

Keep a system of record, associate video with access events, and receive alerts on critical-events as they occur.

Smart Automation

Setup powerful integrated workflows to trigger events, processes and alerts.

Secure by Design

Our platform runs on the Cloud, with complete end-to-end encryption - using the most advanced tools and security infrastructure.

Instant Alerts

Receive real-time alerts of critical events by email, text or dashboard.

Plays Well With Others

We’ve got your access methods covered!

alocity® all-in-one reader supports the most-advanced face recognition technology, modern smart-phone credentials, traditional cards and key fobs.

3D Face Verification

#1 face recognition technology in the world. Works on anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Smart Phone

Use your iPhone or Android phone to gain entry.

Smart Watch

Use your iOS or Android watch to open.

Encrypted Cards & Fobs

Alocity Secure/encrypted Des-fire credentials make it nearly impossible to clone.


Email or text users a link to gain temporary access. No app required.

3rd Party RFID Credentials

Connect your existing RFID readers directly to the alocity reader, and use your existing credentials.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

See why leading experts partner with Alocity to modernize their physical access.

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